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How Penrod’s Pardot Implementation Transformed Nevco’s Marketing Processes


Nevco, a scoring and display company, manufactures and sells scoreboards, video displays, stadium sound, and scoring accessories to high schools, colleges, and professional venues across the globe. Their customized sports scoreboards, innovative scoring and statistical accessories, and electronic marquee signs for schools and organizations help make the game day experience one to remember.


Because Nevco is the largest privately held scoring and display company in the US, their database is large – it houses every middle school/jr high,  high school, college, minor league, and professional team in the U.S. and Canada. They market to coaches, facilities personnel, athletic administration, principals, superintendents, and sometimes university presidents but had antiquated marketing tools to help them in their marketing efforts.

Limited ability to track marketing efforts

Without the proper tools, Nevco’s team had limited ability to track any internal-developed marketing campaign they undertook. This left them missing opportunities, unable to see data from marketing efforts, and little ability to automate their campaigns.

No insight into marketing behaviors

Nevco also lacked the ability to see how leads responded to marketing behaviors. Without the proper tools to see how or if marketing was turning leads into customers, it was very difficult to calculate conversion rates from internally-lead marketing campaigns and the ROI of marketing efforts.

Solution Salesforce Pardot

Penrod integrated Salesforce Pardot to automate Nevco’s marketing. This marketing automation tool is built on the Salesforce platform and helps organizations generate more leads and keep them moving through the sales pipeline. Automation doesn’t mean impersonal, however. With Pardot, marketers can create meaningful relationships with each and every prospect.

Build customer journeys

Pardot allows users to build powerful customer journeys, something Penrod helped Nevco do as part of the implementation process. Penrod was able to help them determine how to create dynamic customer interactions and how to automate the journey as much as possible.

Pardot also allows Nevco to visually map out each part of the customer journey and each important touch point along the way so they can have more insight into what each customer experiences. They can also test customer journeys to experience what each customer experiences and find any gaps prior to launching a campaign.

Launch and manage campaigns

Once they’ve built and tested customer journeys, Nevco’s team can now launch and manage campaigns all in the same platform. The data Pardot gathers from each campaign helps them learn about and understand campaign performance and prospective customer behavior in real time. Because their marketing platform is one streamlined tool, they don’t have to jump around to different programs or databases to view reports and campaign analytics. Pardot and Salesforce tie their data together to keep everything in one simple-to-use tool.


New understanding of their customer journey

As a result of Nevco’s new marketing tool, they have deeper insight into each and every customer touchpoint, buyer behaviors, and specific places where prospects drop out of or stall in the sales funnel. This new understanding of their customers, potential buyers, and marketing campaigns helps Nevco create more buyer-centric content and use data to help increase their conversion rates.

Marketing process transformation

Pardot transformed Nevco’s marketing processes. In addition to the marketing and customer data they now have access to, the automation that is a central component of Pardot streamlines their efforts.

Ongoing support to create content

Penrod continues to support Nevco by continual touch bases on progress, review of campaigns, and strategic discussions of new campaigns that targets their audience. By using their marketing data, Nevco can produce content that resonates with a buyer’s specific demographic, their interests and behaviors. Prior to their implementation, they approached outreach email campaigns in an “all or nothing” fashion, but now through segmentation, nurturing, and automation possible through Pardot, Nevco approaches campaigns in a highly strategic way.

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