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CIC Plus Partners with Penrod to Build New Client Community And Knowledge Base


CIC Plus provides employer compliance management for HR, payroll and benefits. They help manage critical employee information throughout the employee lifecycle using employee tax forms, pay statements and HR forms, to help ensure that their clients are compliant and efficient. They serve ~700 clients.


CIC Plus came to Penrod because their Client Support Analysts (CSAs) were swamped with client service requests that were difficult to track. They knew they needed a solution that would free up their CSAs to deal with more intricate questions and allow their clients to self serve to answer many of their questions.

Many client service requests

The clients questions were often simple requests or issues that CSAs found themselves answering repeatedly. CIC Plus wanted a way to prevent the constant repetition, track the volume of requests and associated response times but they lacked a ticketing system and tools to do so.

No place for clients to find answers

It was clear to CIC Plus that many of the requests received could have been handled with a self-service system that allowed their clients to look up their specific question and resolve on their own. Without this system clients would have to call or email the client service team to find answers for even the simplest of questions.

No ticketing system to keep requests organized

CSAs lacked a ticketing system to organize and track the different types of requests that were coming in from their clients. A system like this would help CIC Plus determine which frequently asked questions could be handled through a self-service system.

-Penrod + Salesforce Communities And Knowledge:
-A ticketing system to track incoming client requests
-A place for clients to find answers on their own
-A community where clients can connect, interact, and ask questions
-No way to track case resolution and time scales

-The value:
-Faster resolution for most client cases
-CSAs have more time to respond to more intricate questions
-Increased client satisfaction with their experience
-Client satisfaction survey after each case was closed to drive continuous improvement


Client Community

Penrod implemented Salesforce Community Cloud, a place for CIC Plus’ clients to go to connect, ask questions, resolve simple issues, and find information on their own. They can upload documents to provide context to their question and interact on the platform through mobile or desktop.

Knowledge Base

Penrod built a self-serve knowledge base for CIC Plus’ clients using Salesforce Knowledge. The new system helps clients find knowledge articles to quickly answer their questions. CIC Plus can optimize searches by creating synonym groups and categories that help clients find the most relevant article to their questions. For questions that are more intricate, clients still have access to a direct client support line and to Salesforce Chatter so they can speak directly to a person if needed.

Penrod listened, they heard, they documented what they had heard and they committed to the relationship with a fixed price bid based on the scope that we had agreed. They clearly had experience in implementing the service cloud and client communities and proved that in how they approached both their discovery and then how they presented their proposed solution. The project came in on time and to budget. Our clients are delighted with the community and it continues to go from strength to strength; as does our relationship with Penrod.
-James Freshwater, Executive at CIC Plus

Ticketing System

Penrod also incorporated a ticketing system to help CIC Plus’ CSAs track client cases. These tickets are created in the client community but CSAs track them through Salesforce Service Cloud. Through each phase of a case, from submission to resolution, email notifications are triggered to let CSAs know exactly where a case stands. The ticketing system includes a way to track cases by category or record type to make it easier for CSAs to identify the type of request and question.


Saves time for more difficult questions

Now that clients can resolve simple questions on their own, CIC Plus’ CSAs have more time to spend helping clients with more intricate questions. Instead of fielding the same types of questions repeatedly, the client success team can focus on resolving escalated client cases.

Self-sufficient clients

Clients are able to quickly find the answers they need in seconds or submit a case for more complex requests. Increased client satisfaction Because they’re able to resolve simple questions faster, CIC Plus’ clients have increased satisfaction with their experience. Their clients’ response to the client community knowledge base has been overwhelmingly positive.

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