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How Penrod’s Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation Helps Curexa Provide Better Patient Care


Curexa, a specialty pharmacy that focuses extensively on patients with chronic diseases like Crohn’s Disease, Psoriasis, Hepatitis C, HIV, Psoriatic Arthritis, and Ulcerative Colitis, serves patients through the country and predominantly in the mid Atlantic region.

The pharmacy’s experienced, patient-centric team offers clinical management and strives to ensure patients have coverage and reimbursement support in accessing their products.

They take in huge volumes of data on each customer, data that they were unable to leverage optimally with the patient care tools they possessed.

It was difficult to manage these large amounts of data to provide the necessary reports to insurers and healthcare providers, to track each patient’s journey with the pharmacy, and use the data to provide customized care for each and every patient.


Minimal Ability to Track Patient Journey

Curexa had little ability to track their patient journey. This lack of tracking meant it was difficult to know what issues many patients faced, how Curexa could improve the journey, and to tailor each customer’s experience to them individually.

Need for Streamlining Holistic Patient Data for Workflow

As a pharmacy, Curexa deals with large amounts of customer data that is both transactional and clinical in nature. The mountains of data existed in several different platforms, leaving their customer service team overwhelmed and with a fragmented workflow.

Outdated System

The patient care system they were using was an outdated legacy system that limited their ability innovate and to improve their patient care. It lacked new technology, automation, data analytics, and the ability to customize.

Need for a System that would Help Improve Customer Service

These two issues – no customer journey tracking ability and outdated systems meant that Curexa had to do lots of manual heavy lifting to make sure every patient got the care and experience they deserved. They needed a way to automate where possible and a way to use their data more effectively while ensuring team members across the organization have in sync visibility into patients and providers.


Health Cloud

Penrod implemented Salesforce Health Cloud to lay a consolidated foundation for Curexa to create unique patient experiences. On the back end, Health Cloud gives Curexa’s cross-functional team members accessible insight into each patient journey as well as simplifies collaboration on each patient’s account.

Because Salesforce Health Cloud relies on cutting edge technology, it allows Curexa to develop strong 1-on-1 relationships with patients and helps patients and providers make better decisions for patient care. Health Cloud is impactful for Curexa’s field team as well. Curexa’s field liaisons have more usable data at their fingertips to give healthcare providers the support they need, while Curexa’s patient clinical team uses the data to provide customized counseling to each patient.

Encrypted Data

To protect patient data from any hacking attempts, Penrod gained extensive knowledge of Curexa’s pharmacy software Pioneer which is the main source for patient data. Penrod ensured that the flow of data from Pioneer into Health Cloud is seamless and easier to access on Curexa’s end while still protecting patient data.

Organized Queue-Based System

Queues aligned to steps of the prescription fulfillment process allow respective team members to have an organized sense of patients who need to be assisted in their prescription journey. The customizable queue based system under which they operate now allows patients to move through their journey in more linear way than previously while also complementing many of the native functionalities of Health Cloud; care plans, tasks, account management, timelines, etc.


Streamlined Support

The flexibility Salesforce Health Cloud offers Curexa’s team allows them to provide even better support to healthcare providers, insurance payers, manufacturers, and patients alike. The new system makes it simpler to send automated reports to insurance payers and manufacturers, and healthcare providers can get real-time information about their patient’s prescriptions.

Customized Patient Care

With Salesforce Health Cloud, each time a new patient becomes part of Curexa, their journey is tracked. All of this new data gives Curexa’s patient care team more ability to provide customized counseling on prescriptions and care. For chronic diseases, especially, this ability to track the customer journey helps Curexa give the most real time and coordinated care possible.

Faster Collaboration

Now Curexa can use advanced workflows to collaborate on each and every patient account and this collaboration is visible across the organization. Because Curexa can now track every action taken by a patient or internally on a patient’s account, they can see previous calls with a Curexa pharmacist and any Curexa team member can pick up where the last team member left off.

This ability to follow the patient throughout their entire experience with Curexa helps the pharmacy provided more customized interactions that speak to each patient’s unique needs.

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